14 Brilliant Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Stay focused on the necessities and be a smarter shopper and consumer

Step 1: Find your favorite grocery store. Step 2: Save money when you visit.

Grocery shopping is an inevitable part of grown-up life, and although you spend less money when you cook and eat at home, ingredients can be expensive. Moreover, we, as consumers, are easily lured by attractive packaging and clever marketing strategies.

Lucky for us, there are ways to save and tricks to help us hurdle the money-grabbing obstacles that stand between our bank accounts and the checkout aisle. Some of these strategies may surprise you (because grocery stores are sneaky), some of them simply expand on common-sense practices, and some of them you can put into practice before you even leave the house.

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Two of the most important tips on this list are: make a list (and then stick to it), and eat before you go. It’s torturous to wander around the store looking at all the food that could satiate your grumbling belly. Find out how to stay focused on the necessities and more by checking out the slideshow below.