The Healthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s

Some of these options might surprise you!

It might surprise you, but steak might be one of the healthiest things on the menu. 

With a slogan like “Bigger and Bolder,” Applebee’s isn’t leading anyone to believe their menu options are diet-friendly. They’re known for their ribs, fried food, and crazy-cheap cocktail deals. Most of their menu is heavy on the meat and light on the greens — even their salads are covered in things like chicken tenders and seasoned steak.

The Healthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s Gallery

Even still, Applebee’s is a huge chain. There are over 2,000 restaurants in the United States, and we’re betting there have been more than a few customers wishing they knew of a healthier option. Two of the biggest concerns people have about the food at Applebee’s are the sodium levels and the extra fat. Some of the dishes have sky-high calorie counts that scare away the more conscious consumers.

All of the nutrition information for Applebee’s menu is available online; if you have a specific health concern such as high blood pressure or diabetes, it’s best to double-check the original source to make sure you aren’t eating something outside of what’s safe. But for your average health-conscious diner, we’ve roved over the nutrition data and selected the 15 healthiest options.

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