30 Foods Doctors Won’t Eat — and Why

The list might surprise you

These are the foods these doctors would rather steer clear of for their health.

The Daily Meal contacted over 20 different medical professionals with specialties ranging from plastic surgery to gastrointestinal disorders to find out which foods they won’t eat and why. The foods on this list are many of the foods you might expect (fried foods and soda, for example) but also include some surprising answers.

30 Foods Doctors Won’t Eat — and Why Gallery

For nutrition advice, it’s best to consult a nutritionist, dietitian, or other nutrition professional. Doctors might not be the best resources for advice on what to eat and why, since nutrition is not their area of expertise.

In fact, many doctors, while well-versed in general medicine and their particular area of medical expertise, only take one or two general nutrition courses in the span of their education. Many don’t take a nutrition-specific course at all — as Harvard nutrition professor David Eisenberg told PBS NewsHour in 2017, “less than 20 percent of medical schools have a single required course in nutrition.”


So take all of these recommendations with a grain of salt. But if you’re curious about the dietary habits and food preferences of medical professionals, read on about the 30 foods these doctors won’t eat, and why.