Eat These 12 Foods If You Want Better Hair

Because your shampoo’s only skin deep

Those lush hair commercials flaunt luscious locks and unattainable curls, and it’s so unfair. Even with regular hair care and too much money poured into your hair routine, you still don’t look like the ad. You have frizzy days, your products never work like they’re supposed to, and it seems the season is never right for the shine of your hair. We feel you.

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Though it’s an underrated perk to your diet, your hair can benefit hugely from a few vitamins and minerals. The shine, texture, and even length of your hair are all dependent upon healthy hair follicles. Those follicles need to be properly nourished to perform at their best.

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Of course, hair products infused with minerals are a good way to add those revitalizing compounds. But the best way to improve your hair’s nutrition is from within — by eating healthy and getting all the nourishment you need from your diet.