23 Energy-Boosting Winter Foods

Winter days can leave you feeling glum and uninspired. For people who expend their energy by running outdoors, slushy, snowy sidewalks that appear during colder months can be reason enough to stop exercising until it gets nicer out. Don't let the snow get the best of you, though. In order to keep your mind right, we suggest eating seasonally this winter.

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Health and energy go hand-in-hand. The healthier you are, the more likely you are to have energy. It may seem too simple to mention, but some foods provide more readily usable vitamins, minerals, and energy than others. Many of us know this and regularly look to energy-boosting foods to stay at the top of our games. If you want to beat the winter doldrums this year, you'll want to reach for foods rich in the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep itself strong, healthy, and, ultimately, energized.

Eating the following fruits and vegetables will provide health benefits to the human body while keeping you in synch with sustainable eating practices. The farther produce travels to reach your store shelf, the larger carbon footprint it may have on the environment. Eating seasonally lessens the chance that your produce is being shipped from faraway lands. If you can find any of this seasonal produce grown locally, then you'll not only be improving your own health but the planet's health as well. Click ahead to see the foods that will keep you healthily energized this winter.