20 Incredible Ways Happiness Affects Your Body

Smiling’s contagious, so spread some love!

It's incredible how much difference a smile can make.

A famous Irish proverb reads, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” The proverb rings more true than anyone anticipated — because being happy really does have some impactful and incredible influences on your physical health.

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We’ve all heard the incredible stories — claims that elderly patients can be cured of illness through familial visits, that people in comas have made it out after hearing the sound of laughter, and that your mom can actually live longer if you spend more time with her. They sound like urban legends, but there are aspects of them that ring true.

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Happy people are the healthiest people. And it doesn’t even take a huge life overhaul to feel the effects. Some of these health impacts can come from something as small as a smile. We bet you didn’t even know a little dose of happiness could do so much for your body.