Fall Picnic For 2

Although you might be thinking that picnic season is over, it isn't finished just yet. The leaves are starting to change colors, which means it's time to enjoy the wondrous fall foliage and the last of the nice weather before the cold winter frost sets in. There is no better way to enjoy leaf-peeping season then to cuddle up with your significant other while enjoying a picnic. Just be sure to wear a warm sweater and bring along a comfortable blanket along with your picnic basket. 

The spices and flavors of fall are comfort-inducing, perfect for an afternoon date.

A delicious starter for a fall picnic is a cheese platter of soft chesses, nuts, and dried fruits such as dried figs.

The king of fall flavors is pumpkin, so try incorporating it in a pumpkin sage orzo risotto for a side dish.

Fall is a great time for hearty soups and stews, so enjoy some while gazing at the falling leaves. Just be sure to package it in a thermos. Some great ones to try are  apple cider soup or gingered apple-pumpkin soup

Cookies are always a great picnic dessert, as they are easy to travel with. Some great fall-inspired cookies to bring are apple peanut butter cookies or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

After indulging in some of your favorite fall dishes, stroll along the falling leaves or maybe go apple-picking or visit a pumpkin patch.