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What Summer Barbecue Food Are You?

If you’ve spent this summer wondering about your barbecue personality, you need not worry any longer

If there’s one quintessential summer activity, it has to be the backyard barbecue. There are few better ways to spend a gorgeous, sunny day than by inviting your friends over, chatting over some ice-cold drinks, and eating some incredible grilled dishes.

Drinks and good company are fine and well, but we all know the best part of a barbecue is the food. And we’re not talking about the side dishes (though we absolutely love a good coleslaw). We’re talking about those main entrées: the burgers, the kebabs, the chicken, and the steak.

Speaking of those entrées… have you ever asked yourself, in a moment of self-reflection: “Self, if I were a summertime barbecue food, what kind of barbecue food would I be?” If you’re like the staff here at The Daily Meal, you have absolutely faced this paralyzing inquiry. And it may be monopolizing a lot of your brain power that could be put to better use planning a beach trip or whipping up a delicious warm-weather cocktail.

So, if you have spent the first few weeks of warm weather this year wondering about your barbecue personality, you need not worry any longer. We’re helping you out with this identity crisis by breaking it down for you. All you have to do is take this five-question quiz, and all of your self-doubt will be erased (about this one very, very specific thing).

Sounds good, no?