Surviving the holidays

13 Tips for Surviving Holiday Houseguests

Just remember: Take it all in stride

The holiday season means that people travel far and wide to be with family and friends. And during a time of year where the cost of travel can be quite high, there is one way for travelers to cut costs: by staying with others. And if you’re the one hosting all of those out-of-town guests, a good old-fashioned family holiday can quickly turn into a stressful house filled to the brim with people who you may or may not actually want staying with you.

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If you’re playing host this holiday season, there is one important thing to remember: Take it all in stride. You will get tired, overwhelmed, and irritated with a bustling home. But there are a few easy ways to help survive the rush of holiday guests. Keep them happy and full with plenty of snacks, spread everyone out, and if all else fails, get yourself out of the house and have some much-needed alone time.

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