These 33 Restaurants Will Give You Free Food on Your Birthday

You can definitely make it through an entire birthday without spending a dime

Nobody should have to pay for anything on their birthday. That’s basically, like, a law. Whether you use your birthday as an excuse to celebrate yourself or you prefer to ignore it because you can’t stand the idea of being one year older, a little free thing here or there is sure to make your day a little brighter.

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So we looked at some of our favorite chain restaurants across the country and realized that many of them have rewards programs that help you to celebrate your birthday with some freebies. Want free coffee, bagels, ice cream, appetizers, and burgers on the anniversary of your birth?! Well, you can get them!

Most of these restaurants require that you sign up for an email newsletter, points rewards program, or club in order to redeem your free birthday treat. But what’s another newsletter you can just ignore 364 days of the year when it will get you a free appetizer or dessert?

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