The Best Dishes At LongHorn Steakhouse, Ranked

If you ask us, LongHorn Steakhouse is one of the best large-scale restaurants in the country. Compared to some of its fellow steakhouse chain brethren, the atmosphere at LongHorn tends to be a little more comfortable, unpretentious, and low-key. But more importantly, the menu at LongHorn showcases some seriously delicious, top-notch grub — especially for a chain restaurant that's grown to well over 500 locations (via Statista).

So, how did LongHorn victoriously rise the ranks to become such a beloved institution among beef lovers over the years? As always, it comes down to the quality of the food. According to LongHorn Chef Michael Senich, one of the best tips for cooking a great steak is to always opt for a fresh steak over a frozen one — a practice that LongHorn follows in its own kitchens, according to a LongHorn line cook on Reddit.

With a menu teeming with nearly a dozen different steaks and all kinds of other equally tempting choices, how should you know what to choose? We've taken the time to showcase some of the best hits on the menu, along with a few limited-time fan favorites that we're rooting for to make a comeback. Here are some of the most delicious LongHorn Steakhouse dishes ever created, leading up to the absolute best.

12. Fire-Grilled Hawaiian Ribeye

Back in 2019, LongHorn added a new limited-time item to its menu: the Fire-Grilled Hawaiian Ribeye (via Chew Boom). Basted over the fire with a sticky ginger-teriyaki marinade and topped with flame-grilled slices of fresh pineapple, this ribeye is one of the best dishes that LongHorn ever dreamed up. The beauty of this dish is how well-balanced it is. In the wrong hands, it's very possible this dish could be overly sweet — but LongHorn knocked it out of the park, thanks in large part to its ginger-teriyaki marinade.

Because the teriyaki marinade struck a perfect balance between sweet and savory, there was enough salt in the glaze to counteract and compliment the inherent sweetness of the grilled pineapple. Pairing a fresh forkful of flame-grilled marbled ribeye with a smear of this tropically viscous glaze delivered a wallop of flavor that tasted like heaven. Fruity and nectarous yet rich and savory, the world lost something truly special when the Fire-Grilled Hawaiian Ribeye was quietly removed from the menu after its seasonal promotion. We can only hope that someday this injustice is rectified in the best possible way through its triumphant return. If that day ever arrives, we'll be there with open arms.

11. Parmesan Crusted Chicken

You might be wondering how a chicken dish ended up on a list about a steakhouse. But the reality is that LongHorn whips up more than just a killer slab of flame-licked cow muscle — the restaurant excels at virtually everything it does in the kitchen, from chicken and seafood to appetizers and desserts. So if you only stick to steaks here, we can't really say that we blame you, considering how delicious they are — but just know that exploring different territory across the menu is totally worth it. And a great place to start is the Parmesan Crusted Chicken.

Made with two juicy grilled chicken breasts slathered in a creamy parmesan garlic cheese sauce with a special touch of bread crumb crust, this dish is bound to please any cheese lover. The touch of cheesy parmesan crust on top adds some nice textural contrast to the velvety garlic cream sauce and tender chicken. Honestly, this dish kind of tastes like eating an awesome bowl of chicken alfredo, but without the pasta — and that's what we love about it. It's no wonder so many die-hard fans consider this a top-tier dish at LongHorn (via Reddit). If you haven't given this dish a whirl yet, do yourself a favor and see what you've been missing out on. Once you taste that cheesy crust, you'll never look back.

10. Bacon Cheeseburger

It might surprise you that some diners say that the Bacon Cheeseburger at LongHorn is their favorite item on the restaurant's menu (via Tripadvisor). Considering all of the amazingly tasty steaks that LongHorn is so well known for, it might not seem particularly judicious to roll the dice on a cheeseburger. But the truth is that LongHorn slaps together a mighty fine cheeseburger that can hang with the best of 'em.

Thick and juicy, the Bacon Cheeseburger is made with a belly-busting ½ pound of tender ground beef that's always grilled to order. Paired with classic toppings that include applewood-smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and the restaurant's special burger sauce, this cheeseburger hits all the right notes. Succulent and cheesy, the tangy pickles provide a briny pop that helps cut through its richness. Between the crisp veggies and the grilled beef patty, this burger offers the perfect blend of freshness and greasy goodness. The next time you find yourself gazing at LongHorn's menu and feeling a bit indecisive, try sinking your teeth into the Bacon Cheeseburger. You can't go wrong with the classic combo of smoked bacon over melted cheese and grilled beef.

9. Seasoned Steakhouse Wings

There's a reason that chicken wings are always a crowd pleaser. It doesn't get much better than handheld bites of fried farm fowl. Crispy on the outside with juicy and succulent meat underneath, there's something undeniably satisfying about eating fried chicken right off the bone. Even at a steakhouse, sometimes the moment calls for an order of chicken wings for the table to munch on. The good news is that if you're in the mood for some wings, LongHorn knows how to whip up a top-notch batch that's bound to rev up your appetite.

According to Thyme and Joy, the Seasoned Steakhouse Wings at LongHorn are baked at first and then fried to order until they're nice and crispy. This is a smart way to cook chicken wings, since cooking wings raw in the fryer would take a long time. Getting baked in the oven first allows the wings to cook all the way through, and then being fried to order guarantees diners a consistently fresh and crispy batch. Tossed in LongHorn's signature seasoning, these wings aren't anything like the super saucy Buffalo-style you tend to find in sports bars. Instead, the crunchy exterior of these wings is deliciously speckled with dry rub, creating a crispy, seasoned skin that's truly mouth-watering. Served with a side of homemade blue cheese dressing and a side of buffalo sauce, these wings are made for dunking. Keeping the sauce on the side allows LongHorn's wings to maintain a higher level of crispiness, ensuring a consistently crunchy bite right off the bone.

8. Caramel Apple Goldrush

Caramel and apples go hand in hand. Whether whole apples are dipped in caramel for that classic treat on a stick or it's all just mixed up to make some form of a pastry or baked good, this flavor combination is always a winner. Caramel's sweet, rich, and buttery flavor profile perfectly compliments the fruity tartness of apples. LongHorn smartly cashes in on this miraculous union by offering it as a dessert in the form of the Caramel Apple Goldrush.

According to Calorie Cap, the Caramel Apple Goldrush comes with a freshly baked pie crust that's smothered with Fuji apples and vanilla bean ice cream. The dessert then gets a healthy drizzle of raspberry sauce and gooey Jim Beam caramel. The end result is spectacularly delicious: The vanilla bean ice cream gently melts over the baked pie crust, forming little streams and puddles of creamy sweetness. The tartness of the apples adds a touch of tang that keeps the dessert fresh and fruity, while the raspberry sauce adds some floral, woody notes to balance out the sweetness. Of course, the buttery caramel sauce ties it all together, draping the dish in its luscious liquid gold. As the ice cream slowly melts and all of these flavors meld, each bite tastes better than the last. While this dish seems to have been only offered for a limited time, it's easily one of the best desserts to come out of LongHorn's kitchen. If it ever reemerges from the shadows, this is one sweet treat you don't want to miss out on.

7. Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp

Surf and turf gives you the best of both worlds. When you're in the mood for seafood and land-roaming fare at the same time, there's no need to limit yourself at LongHorn, since the restaurant offers combos to satisfy all of your cravings on one plate. And when it comes to surf and turf combos, you can't go wrong with the Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp from LongHorn.

Made with a thick cut of sirloin cooked to your desired level of doneness and paired with a couple of shrimp skewers basted in a smoky tomato butter, this dish also comes with rice and two sides. As the smoky tomato butter drizzles over the grilled shrimp, it melts down onto the bed of fluffy rice underneath, providing it with some top-notch flavor that will have you licking every drop from your lips. The shrimp is perfectly tender, sweet, and briny, and the sirloin is beefy and succulent. While you can always opt for broccoli, asparagus, or any other side that you please, we feel nothing rounds out this meal better than a loaded baked potato and a Caesar salad. When you're feeling exceptionally hungry, the Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp is one of the tastiest plates LongHorn has to offer.

6. Crab Cake Filet

In 2017, LongHorn rolled out a limited-time special that featured a crab cake and a filet. Little did we know at the time of its initial release, but this seasonal offering ended up being one of the best dishes the restaurant ever concocted. Featuring a baked lump crab cake drizzled with lemon-garlic cream sauce on top of a grilled center-cut filet of steak, the Crab Cake Filet is one of LongHorn's richest and most satisfying (via Pensacola News Journal).

In fact, some diners have gone so far as to say that LongHorn makes the best crab cakes they've ever had outside of Baltimore (via Tripadvisor). This delicious duo's remarkably tasting pairing comes as no surprise, considering the filet's tenderness and that crispy, flavorful crab cake on top. The lemon-garlic cream sauce ties it all together, offering a tangy burst of citrus and a pleasantly pungent punch of garlic that feels just as at home over steak as it does on seafood. The bottom line: This is this kind of dish that you keep dreaming about long after your last bite.

5. Chocolate Stampede

When you have a sweet tooth, one of the last places you'd probably think to go is a steakhouse. But the reality is that some steakhouses offer a killer dessert menu that could give even the best sweet shops a run for their money. LongHorn Steakhouse has earned a spot among those restaurants, thanks in large part to its Chocolate Stampede.

LongHorn's Chocolate Stampede comes with two thick slices of chocolate cake (layered with six different types of chocolate). To bring even more decadence into the mix, the restaurant pairs these chocolate cake slices with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with a little more chocolate sauce. If that sounds like an onslaught of chocolate, just remember that this dessert is billed as a stampede, and stampedes aren't exactly restrained. To say this dessert is overflowing with chocolate would be an understatement. Wildly rich, this dish is best suited for those who love to throw all dietary cautions to the wind and blissfully bask in a flood of chocolate and ice cream. Embracing the indulgence and pleasure of a delicious dessert like this is truly epicurean.

4. Flo's Filet

If you're heading over to LongHorn, there's a very good chance that what you're really after is a grilled steak. And when it comes to grilled steak, one of the most tried-and-true offerings on the restaurant's menu is Flo's Filet. This center-cut filet is remarkably succulent and thoroughly rubbed with LongHorn's signature seasoning, then grilled to perfection. Because this steak doesn't come with any fancy sauces or other toppings, it's easier to focus on the taste of the beef and truly appreciate its flavor.

Available in a 6- or 9-ounce portion, this steak is cooked to your liking and then paired with a small salad and one side of your choosing. Macaroni and cheese, broccoli, roasted Brussels sprouts, and French onion soup are just a few of the sides that you can select from for this top-notch plate of deliciousness. Sometimes the best dishes are also the most simple, and Flo's Filet is about as straightforward and tasty as it gets.

3. Outlaw Ribeye

There's a reason that ribeye is often heralded by steak lovers around the world as one of the best cuts of steak out there. According to Smoked BBQ Source, part of the reason that ribeye is so exceptionally tender is due to the well-marbled webs of intramuscular fat that extend across the cut. The ribeye is also cut from a muscle that's largely inactive during the cow's life, which helps maintain its luxurious succulence. If you're in the mood for a juicy cut of steak, we have some good news for you: LongHorn really knows its way around a ribeye.

The Outlaw Ribeye at LongHorn Steakhouse features a 20-ounce bone-in cut of steak that's seasoned to perfection and grilled over open flames. Thick and nicely marbled, this ribeye offers everything you want from a cut of steak. The exterior of this ribeye develops a beautiful char, thanks to the flames from the grill that continuously lick this cut of beef over the fire. The ribeye's thin strands of fat that branch out across this steak give the seasoning something to cling to, deepening the flavor of the beef with notes of salt and pepper. All things considered, the Outlaw Ribeye at LongHorn is easily one of the best things on the restaurant's menu.

2. Flo's Filet & Lobster Tail

When it comes to surf and turf, it doesn't get much better than steak and lobster. If you ask us, there's no better way to upgrade your filet than with a cold-water lobster tail basted in creamy melted butter. And that's exactly what the Flo's Filet & Lobster Tail dish at LongHorn Steakhouse has to offer. No overpowering sauces. No pretentious twists. Just simple ingredients, cooked to perfection.

Having a high-quality grilled steak and a sweet, tender lobster tail glistening in a sheen of rich butter sauce on your plate is something to be truly grateful for. Being able to take alternating bites of chargrilled beef and sweet, briny lobster meat is the joy of ordering surf and turf. Paired with a side dish and a small salad, this is a massive meal that packs a punch when it comes to flavor. Portion-wise, this may not be the biggest cut of beef out there, but when you factor in the buttered lobster tail along with some side dishes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a meal more eclectic and satisfying.

1. The LongHorn Porterhouse

At 22 ounces, The LongHorn Porterhouse is one beast of a feast. In fact, some diners have even claimed that this particular cut at LongHorn was one of the best steaks they've ever eaten at a restaurant (via Tripadvisor). According to Cattlemen's Steakhouse, a part of what makes the porterhouse so special is the fact that it essentially features two different cuts of beef: a filet mignon and a strip steak.

Easily confused with a T-bone steak, both cuts come from the same place inside of the cow, but there is actually a crucial difference between the two — and it basically comes down to thickness. In order to officially qualify as a porterhouse, the steak has to be at least 1¼ inches thick from the bone, while T-bones are a little thinner and fall short of this measurement. As the biggest steak the restaurant chain has to offer, The LongHorn Porterhouse is a monster of a meal, but its gargantuan size isn't the whole reason it's claiming the throne here. It's just the simple fact that this cut offers a level of richness and beefiness that's unrivaled elsewhere on the menu. Generously portioned and grilled to perfection, The LongHorn Porterhouse is astoundingly delicious and bound to deeply satisfy even the hungriest of beef lovers.