lauren conrad
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Lauren Conrad’s Holiday Guide to Being a Star Hostess and Gift Giver

The fashionista offers her best holiday advice
lauren conrad
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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s easy for hostesses and gift-givers to frenzy over making sure everything is perfect. From food and drinks to decorations and entertaining, lifestyle icon and designer Lauren Conrad says the secret is to just relax.

“I have learned over the years that as long as you’re having a good time, your guests will have a good time. I used to stress over every little detail and I’ve kind of taught myself to be prepared and then if anything doesn’t go right, it’s not a big deal,” she told The Daily Meal. “Your job as a hostess is to entertain, so it’s not helpful if you’re running around trying to fix things and trying to finish up dinner. Just have fun at your own party.”

But Conrad won’t be hosting any festivities this year. In addition to a plethora of projects within the fashion-sphere, the 31-year-old and lawyer-husband William Tell have their hands full with 6-month-old baby Liam, which Conrad says is “exhausting and wonderful.” Her parents will be handling the ham and turkey this year.

And as far as gift-giving goes, those clueless about what to get family, friends, or a significant other — intangible presents can be just as thoughtful as the store-bought option.

“I always like gifting experiences. If you can’t come up with something that they need or think they want, it’s nice to take them out to dinner or take them somewhere fun,” Conrad said. “Just do something or take them somewhere they probably aren’t going to go on their own.”

But if you’re someone who spends the holidays on your own, don’t fret. With a little help from Chinese food, Christmas cookies, Netflix, and much-needed rest, isolation really doesn’t have to be so bad. Here are 11 tips for surviving the holidays all alone.