The 12 Most Outrageous Christmas Cookie Cutters

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Every holiday season, it seems like the cutout cookies all look the same. You have the snowmen, the reindeer, the Santa Claus, the stockings, the stars, and the candy canes. Sure, it's a bit of a Christmas tradition, but these same ol' sugar cookies can get a little tired after a while.

If you're looking to really shake up your holiday cookie platter, try making some quirky Christmas cookies this year. Whether you want to go for something truly crazy with sexy cookies or zombies or if you just want to be a little silly by making Donald Trump or Tetris cutouts, there are a dozen ways to be unique this Christmas with these outrageous cookie cutters:

3D Christmas Scene

Want to make an edible holiday scene that stands all on its own? Light in the Box has classic Christmas shapes such as a pine tree, reindeer, sleigh, and snowman that are 3D, making for a cookie platter that's sure to impress.

ABC (Already Been Chewed)

If you want to fake out your holiday guests and make them think someone already got into the gingerbread men, these whimsical Fred & Friends cutters are for you. Even when these men are fresh out of the oven, they're missing limbs; they suggest that someone has earned their spot on Santa's naughty list.

Cookie Sutra

Don't take these X-rated cookie cutters from Master-Baker to mom's house for the holidays. Featuring gingerbread people in compromising poses, such as the "Stuffin the Muffin" and the "Toad in the Hole," these cookies are lewd, crude, and undeniably hilarious.

Donald Trump

Whether you love the president-elect or you want to get sweet revenge by biting into his over-sized noggin, imagineacookie's Donald Trump cookie cutter off Etsy will make your cookies great again this Christmas.

Game of Thrones Houses

Winter is coming! Prepare for the frigid months in the real world and in Westeros with these Game of Thrones-inspired cutters from Think Geek. Align yourself as a Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, or Tyrell this holiday season. Just keep the swords away from the rest of your family.

Kitchen-Aid Mixer
Want to get really meta this holiday? Mix your cookies up in your stand mixer, then cut them out into the shape of... a stand mixer. Whether you're a baking enthusiast or just someone who loves a literal cookie, this cookiecuttercomp stamp from Etsy is perfect for you.

Micro Cookie Cutters

Forget small cookie cutters, these 12 shapes from The Cookie Cutter Shop are so mini they're micro. In basic shapes such as star, heart, and diamond, these cutters are crazy because they're just so small. They range from 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch in size.

The Perfect Man

If you're without a boyfriend or husband this Christmas, just bake one up. Available at World Market, the perfect man cookie cutter is strong, agreeable, and always willing to do the dishes.

Poo Emoji

Your cookies won't taste like poo (hopefully), but they can look the part with this poo emoji cutter from Things4Thinkers. Featuring all of those brown swirls and that ever-present mischievous smile, this cookie will get big laughs.


Even if your mother told you not to play with your food, resisting the urge to tower up Paladone Products's Tetris cookie cutters is impossible. Stack these cookies, and then make them disappear by gobbling them right up.

Ugly Sweater

No Christmas would be complete without the ugly sweater, and Ann Clark has the perfect bulky sweater cutter. Featuring a turtleneck and big, bulky sleeves, this cookie just screams for a decorating contest this holiday!

Walking Ginger Dead

The zombie apocalypse can hit your Christmas table with In The Mix's "Walking Ginger Dead Undead Zombie Gingerbread" cookie mix. With four zombie gingerbread men in varying stated of un-death, these are perfectly nerdy and creepy.