Kim Kardashian's 10 Favorite Recipes

The Kardashian clan, led by Kim Kardashian, has helped to shape American beauty standards this decade, with their hourglass shapes and minimalist fashion sense. Though the reality of eating like a Kardashian is a bit nightmarish, there's something intriguing about the celebrity lifestyle. So, how does one of the most famous women in the world eat?

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To put together a list of Kim's favorite dishes and recipes, we looked to her 2016 meal plan. A devotee of the Atkins diet, Kim's diet consists heavily of proteins like eggs, chicken, and fatty fish as well as staple healthy snacks like hummus, fruits, vegetables, and a dark chocolate trail mix.

But, like the rest of us, Kim has her indulgences. When she eats fast food, she loves McDonald's French fries, doughnuts, and hamburgers. Kim also can be a bit of a cook herself, with incredible recipes for macaroni and cheese and a healthy breakfast smoothie in her rotation. To learn how to make these dishes at home and some of her staple diet foods, click here.