Photo Modified: Flickr / Divya Thakur / CC BY-SA 3.0

What Kim Kardashian Really Orders From In-N-Out

Kim Kardashian knows her way around In-N-Out’s secret menu

We know that Kim Kardashian is just one of the many ever-dieting celebrities with a tendency to break the strict regimen for a bite of fast food. But what does Kim order when she does decide to swap the celery and green tea for something a little more substantial?

As you all know, Kim has been on a strict diet for most of the year, but she allows herself a break from her low-carb, high-workout life on Sundays. On this special day, you can often find her at In-N-Out with an enviable box of food balanced on her lap. Kim isn’t afraid to share her fast food love with the world, showing us what her typical order at the In-N-Out drive-thru really is. How does your order match up to hers?

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True to character, Kim’s order is totally extravagant and supremely indulgent. Her box is stuffed full of a vanilla shake (why have a soda when you could have a shake?), a single patty cheeseburger (because sometimes the classics really are the best), and cheese fries (Kim is clearly no stranger to the In-N-Out secret menu). There’s no shortage of calories, carbohydrates, meat, or cheese in this order. If you’re going to treat yourself and break your diet, make sure you do it with as much style and taste as this Kardashian.