It’s Negroni Week! Celebrate With These 10 Irresistible Cocktails

Campari-based cocktails are here to improve your week


It’s Negroni Week! Celebrate With These 10 Irresistible Cocktails

This week is Negroni Week, also known as our annual excuse to over-indulge in our favorite Campari-based cocktail. Restaurants and bars across America will be participating in Negroni Week by shaking up their best Negroni — as well as many inventive variations on the classic — and a portion of the profit of each one will be donated to a charity of establishments’ choice. To find out which bars near you are participating, you can see the full list here. Alternatively, you can celebrate from the comfort of your own home with these 10 Campari cocktail recipes.


The Americano cocktail is often referred to as a Negroni without the hangover. Campari is mixed with sweet vermouth and soda water for a low-proof, crisp, and refreshing drink choice.

For the Americano Cocktail recipe, click here.

Beet Negroni

Beet Negroni


Add an even more grownup, earthy taste (and a deeper color), to your Negroni by exchanging standard gin for a homemade, beet-infused gin.

For the Beet Negroni recipe, click here.

Chocolate Negroni

Adding a dash of crème de cacao and chocolate mole bitters to a Negroni softens the bitterness of the cocktail, and makes it perfect for everybody with a sweet tooth.

For the Chocolate Negroni recipe, click here.

Classic Negroni

Classic Negroni

Photo Modified: Flickr / Geoff Peters / CC BY 4.0

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the classic. This traditional Negroni recipe is exactly what all you cocktail purists are looking for.

For the Classic Negroni recipe, click here.

Kingston Negroni

Add a tropical Jamaican touch to your Italian Negroni by exchanging the gin with aged Jamaican rum.

For the Kingston Negroni recipe, click here.

Korean Hwayo Negroni

By swapping gin for the Korean spirit soju, you’ll be giving this classic cocktail a modern, Asian twist. A hint of sweetness is also added by mixing the Campari with its gentler, less bold relation, Aperol.

For the Korean Hwayo Negroni recipe, click here.

Negroni ‘On Tap’

Make this traditional Negroni in big batches and pour out into ice-filled glasses to entertain a crowd. Don’t forget to garnish every drink with an orange twist to add a hint of citrusy, fruity flavor.

For the Negroni ‘On Tap’ recipe, click here.

Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni Sbagliato


Lighten up a classic Negroni by swapping the potent gin for gently bubbling Prosecco. This makes for a less alcoholic and slightly sweeter take on the typically bitter Negroni.

For the Negroni Sbagliato recipe, click here.

Red Light Negroni

For every cocktail-lover who is looking for a bitter, sophisticated, serious drink, this Negroni variation is the one for you: It’s intense color and herbal, bitter flavors are really emphasized in this recipe.

For the Red Light Negroni recipe, click here.

Smoked Plum Negroni

This Japanese-inspired Negroni is simultaneously smoky, sweet, and bitter. Japanese whisky makes up the base, and sweet plum wine is stirred in too for a fruity, rich boost of flavor.

For the Smoked Plum Negroni recipe, click here.