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It’s Negroni Week! Celebrate With These 10 Irresistible Cocktails

Campari-based cocktails are here to improve your week

This week is Negroni Week, also known as our annual excuse to over-indulge in our favorite Campari-based cocktail. Restaurants and bars across America will be participating in Negroni Week by shaking up their best Negroni — as well as many inventive variations on the classic — and a portion of the profit of each one will be donated to a charity of establishments’ choice. To find out which bars near you are participating, you can see the full list here. Alternatively, you can celebrate from the comfort of your own home with these 10 Campari cocktail recipes.

It’s Negroni Week! Celebrate With These 10 Irresistible Cocktails (Slideshow)

The Negroni is a traditional Italian cocktail, which, with its bitter taste, bright color, and high proof, tends to divide cocktail-drinkers between those who swear it is the best drink ever, and those who really can’t stand it. In this selection of recipes, we have included the classic cocktail recipe for the purists amongst you, as well as multiple lighter, sweeter, smokier variations so that there’s a drink even the sweet-toothed Negroni-haters will enjoy. Slowly but surely, these cocktails will convert you to be a Campari-lover.

Reportedly, the Negroni cocktail was first mixed in Florence, Italy, in 1919. The story goes that Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender, Fosco Scarselli, at Caffè Casoni (now Caffè Roberto Cavali), to strengthen his cocktail — an Americano — by swapping the soda water for gin. The cocktail he made was therefore equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth. The bartender exchanged the lemon garnish typical of an Americano for an orange garnish to signify that this was a different cocktail, and the Negroni was born. Make sure you allow your bold Campari cocktail to transport you to a romantic Italian café while you sip on it this Negroni Week.

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