All Your Cocktails Are Going To Have Flowers In Them This Spring

How does one know that spring has sprung? Oh, the weather gets a little warmer, the sun is out for a little longer, and you start boiling eggs like mad to paint them and turn them in to devilishly delicious appetizers for Easter. And, this spring, you'll know spring has sprung because floral cocktails, complete with a flowery garnish, will be everywhere.

At the beginning of the year, Whole Foods predicted that floral flavors and edible flowers will be everywhere in 2018, and with spring just around the corner, it's time for this trend to deliver. Not only can you expect to see cocktails infused with floral flavors (like this lemon lavender cocktail or this rosy martini) but flowers will be the garnish du jour at bars and restaurants. It'll be perfect for the Instagram and for those sunny, warm springtime brunches.

If you want to recreate these floral cocktails for your own brunch parties and springtime soirées, consider this bright orange Le Japonais cocktail with the perfect pretty purple garnish. This herbal tipple is made with Lillet and lavender syrup for a beautifully fragrant floral flavor. If you're serving for a crowd, the Queen Bee punch bowl has enough fresh flowers and herbs to keep multiple guests satisfied.

Your cocktails can't be the only thing on trend at your party. Consider these major food trends of 2018 to be ahead of the curve this spring.