A Complete Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Wedding Brunch

Unlimited mimosas, stacks of pancakes, and a wedding cake made of waffles make for the most fabulous wedding reception
Bride and groom


Make sure you figure out how your brunch party will end.

Everybody’s favorite weekend events are brunch and weddings. So, if you’re a morning person who is getting hitched this year, why not combine your two favorite activities and host your wedding as a brunch party?  A wedding brunch can be a much more casual, calm affair than an evening wedding: No one wants — or is expecting — rare steak, crystal chandeliers, or a black-tie dress code at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning. This all means that there is a lot less pressure on you to host that over-the-top wedding, and instead you can relax, enjoy the lack of overwhelming expectations, and really enjoy your totally crowd-pleasing, wonderfully tasty, laid-back wedding.

A Complete Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Wedding Brunch (Slideshow)

Begin your wedding reception bunch with light, sweet foods: Nobody will be ready to dive straight into martinis and shrimp cocktails when they’ve just rolled out of bed on a sunny weekend morning. Instead, offer fruity cocktails, plenty of coffee, and light, sweet hors d’oeuvres. You may be a morning person, ready to dive straight into a rich and heavy meal, but you need to ease your guests in gently. We have no doubts that everybody will love your brunch wedding, especially when you stray away from the classic wedding reception traditions, timetable, and menus. When you do get to the main dishes served at the party, you really can do whatever your heart desires: Simply select your favorite parts of breakfast and lunch, and throw them together to create a meal that mixes up sweet and savory as much as your taste buds desire.

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If you’re hosting a wedding on a budget, then a brunch reception really is a fantastic option. You’ll need to allocate less money for alcohol (guests will definitely drink less at brunch than they would at dinner), you can opt out of having a DJ and dancefloor if that’s not your thing, the venues will offer you a better price at this non-conventional time of day, and there’s absolutely no need for extravagant decorations. So it’s time to swap that frosted tiered cake for a stack of waffles, and learn how to really host the ultimate, unforgettable wedding brunch to celebrate your upcoming wedding day.