Celebrate or Commiserate Tax Day With Dinner Party Dishes for the Penniless and the Millionaires

From lobster-stuffed steak to cauliflower steak, here are the best ways to celebrate tax day, whether you’re rich or poor
Fettucine with Black Truffles


Fettucine with truffles is the best dish to spend all your tax day money on.

Tax Day always splits the American population in half: There are those who are celebrating all those dollars that have just landed in their bank account, and there are those who are desperately depressed, watching all that hard-earned money disappear before their eyes. Whatever your situation this Tax Day, make sure you pour yourself a strong drink, and invite some friends over for a dinner party to celebrate the stress of filing taxes being over for another year.

Celebrate or Commiserate Tax Day With Dinner Party Dishes for the Penniless and the Millionaires (Slideshow)

Whether you’re now nearly penniless, or are a newly made millionaire, you can — hopefully — still afford to eat, but what you’re eating may have changed slightly. For those of you who have walked into a pile of money, dinner should be made up of oysters, caviar, and a perfectly cooked filet mignon, all accompanied by a fancy bottle of Champagne. For those of you have been less fortunate this year, there’s nothing wrong with swapping the rare steak with a cauliflower alternative, or with feasting on Cuban rice and beans rather than truffle tagliatelle.


If you’re commiserating this Tax Day, don’t be embarrassed about sharing a budget meal with friends: Having people sitting around your table, drinking boxed wine and dining on affordable carbohydrates will immediately cheer you up. On the other hand, if you’re celebrating, it’s only fair to share your good fortune with your nearest and dearest: Pop open a bottle of Cristal to get the evening off to a decadent start, and make sure to splurge on an expensive bottle of Bordeaux to accompany that lobster-stuffed steak.