The 7 People It's OK To Not Invite To Your Wedding


Planning a wedding is always busy, stressful, and time-consuming, and every married person will tell you that creating a guest list is one of the absolute hardest parts. The first draft of your invitation list will be overwhelmingly long, but don't panic; it's not so hard to cut back. These seven groups of people can all be crossed off, and soon you'll have a streamlined page of wedding guests who you desperately want to be there to celebrate your special day.

Boss and Colleagues

Obviously, everyone's relationships with their boss and co-workers is different, but unless your boss or colleagues really are your best friends, and are people you want to hang out with outside of work hours, you can leave them off the guest list.


You don't need to have a strict "No Kids" rule to get out of inviting all your friends' and relatives' children to your wedding. If there are kids you're really close to, invite them, and if there are some who you honestly have hardly ever met, leave them off the list. Parents won't be upset if the kids aren't invited — they may even be relieved to have a day without them.


If you're having your wedding party at home and will probably be keeping your neighbors up late into the night, there's still no need to invite them to make up for it. Instead, give them plenty of warning, tell them what time the party will finish, thank them in advance for their understanding, and reassure them that this disturbance really is a one-off.

Parents' Friends

Your parents may be helping fund your wedding, and they may be intensely involved in the planning, but this doesn't mean you need to listen to their guest list recommendations. They may want all their closest friends to be there, but remember: This is your wedding, not theirs.

Plus Ones

Even if your best friend wants to bring her new boyfriend, don't let yourself be pressured into inviting him. Unless you know the partner well and consider him or her a real friend, you can cross them off the guest list.

Reciprocating Friends

If your friends invited you to their wedding several years ago, but you have since fallen out of touch, there's no need to invite them to yours. Only invite people you are friends with right now. There's no need to send someone an invitation just because you feel obligated to reciprocate.

The Ex

Even if you or your fiancé is still close to any previous boyfriends or girlfriends, there's no need for them to be invited. It's a sensitive subject, and you really want as few emotional hot spots to be floating around your wedding as possible. Cross them off the list.