5 Smoothies to Fuel 5 Fall Fun Activities (Slideshow)

If you’re heading outside to enjoy the fall weather, fuel up the family with these tasty recipes and fun times

Apple-Picking Party


Get up early and take the kids to the orchard to pick their own apples. Your family will love running through the orchards and gathering sweet fruits for baked apple goodies for even more fun fall activities. That morning, give the kids a ginger berry smoothie to help get them through the day. The protein in the Greek yogurt will keep them full and the ginger will keep their stomachs settled and fall taste buds satisfied.

A Banana Bike Ride


If you want to tucker the tikes out, take them for a fall bike ride through your town or local park. On your ride, keep pace and play fun games of "I-spy" or organize a fall scavenger hunt. Before you send them out on the hunt, make sure they can get through a bike ride with a peanut butter banana smoothie. This tasty treat is rich and creamy but without all of the fat that will slow your little ones down.

Going Green


Parks are not just for the spring time. On a beautiful fall day, lightly bundle the kids up and get outside to play in the fall leaves. You can jump in huge piles, bring supplies to do fun art projects in the park with the fallen foliage, or just pack a healthy picnic for later in the day. Before you head out the door, though, make your family a healthy green smoothie to fill them up and fuel them for all of that fun. The sweet fruit and healthy soy milk will make them want to eagerly gulp it down before burning it off in the park!

Visit a Farm


During the fall, many local farms host an array of fun activities where kids can explore and enjoy farm-fresh foods. You can hike through a corn maze, feed farm animals, and even take a leisurely hayride through the farm's crops. Since you’ll be heading out early, you can make a berry smoothie mixed with tasty fruit juices and low-fat yogurt in honor of some of the farm-fresh foods your family will be enjoying throughout the day. 

Football Fun


Don’t just stay inside and watch the fall sport — get outside and play it, too! Spend the day at a tailgate or throwing around the football in the backyard. Your family will feel plenty full with this smoothie that has a hint of cinnamon, making it perfect for a fall morning of football!


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