25 Worst Things About Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year. There is no denying it. It's cozy, the most comforting foods on the planet are in season, and fall hosts two of the year's best holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, even though I am passionate about fall, I do realize that the season has its faults.

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For every wonderful pumpkin spice latte in the world, there's a particular type of evil known as the pumpkin spice chicken sausage. And while the leaves turning into rich shades of red, gold, and orange represent peak nature, you know what happens shortly after you see those picturesque views? The leaves fall, the trees are left barren, and those fallen leaves turn into slippery, hazardous pieces of doom that you have to break your back raking up.

OK, maybe I'll reconsider. Fall is not so great.

So if you're bummed out that summer is gone and the days are just going to get shorter and colder, know that I am right there with you. Layer up and feel free to complain about pumpkin spice madnessthese are the 25 worst things about fall.