Brace Yourselves, America: We Now Have Pumpkin Spice Sausage

We are at the peak of pumpkin spice saturation season: Now Nature’s Promise has made pumpkin spice chicken sausage

Now even our meat isn’t safe from the pumpkin spice takeover.

In the age of products like the sexy pizza rat costumes and caffeinated peanut butter, we have to ask ourselves one question: Has mankind gone too far? The newest product that has eyes rolling and tweets trending is the pumpkin spice sausage.That’s right – you thought they were out of ideas for pumpkin spice-flavored things, but Nature’s Promise is here to prove that anything, even processed meat, can be sprinkled with the flavors of fall Starbucks trends.

Nature’s Promise organic pumpkin spice chicken sausage is a real product currently being sold at Giant Food Stores, an East Coast supermarket. Does this mean that the pumpkin spice trend has officially jumped the shark? Or did that happen years ago when they introduced pumpkin spice English muffins?

Social media was certainly atwitter about the news of this unusual new autumnal protein: