20 Essential Super Bowl Party Foods (Slideshow)

Make these delicious staples for the big game

Delicious and hearty, 7-Layer Dip always makes for the perfect party dish. This recipe is on the more advanced side for extra flavor, but also offers easy swap ideas so you can make it in a hurry!

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7-Layer Dip


Delicious and hearty, 7-Layer Dip always makes for the perfect party dish. This recipe is on the more advanced side for extra flavor, but also offers easy swap ideas so you can make it in a hurry!

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It doesn’t get much more delicious than a classic guacamole recipe. Perfect for pairing with chips or using in other delicious appetizers, guacamole is just one of those party recipes that have to make an appearance at every shindig.  

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French Onion Dip

Tim McGeever

Sometimes a game-day appetizer needs to be simple. Chips and dip are completely your answer. But if you really want to wow them even with the smallest of details, make this tasty French onion dip!

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Ultimate Nachos


For game-day you can’t just have regular old nachos. You need ultimate nachos, the kind that is super loaded with all of the tastiest fixings there are. This particular recipe has ground beef and is oozing with cheese. Definitely not for the faint of heart.  

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Deviled Eggs


True, deviled eggs make an appearance at many affairs, but they are especially perfect for game-day. Why you make ask? Because these perfectly portioned appetizers are totally football shaped and will look super colorful on your game-day spread!

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It literally isn’t game-day without wings. Don’t ask us why, we didn’t make the rules. It is just these juicy, messy finger foods are perfect to munch on as we intensely watch play after play unfold before our eyes. Plus, it is the one time it is completely acceptable to have your face covered in wing sauce and no one will care!

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Jalapeño Poppers


Sometimes, game-day needs a little spicing up. These delicious appetizers are perfect for tailgating and make for a delicious way to bring the heat!

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​Chili, in all of its forms, is quintessential game-day fare. Hearty, warm and slightly spicy, chili pairs perfectly with a good old-fashioned bottle of beer and will fill your guests up greatly!  

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These adorable and easy appetizer bites were made for game-day. You can dress them up with any seasoning and suddenly they are a simple, versatile snacks that football fans will easily and happily graze on.  

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Pulled Pork


In homage to the ultimate pigskin, a pot of slow cooked pulled pork is perfect. Not on can you set it and forget it, it can be used to make hearty sandwiches or mini sliders!

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Hot Dogs


Not just for baseball games, a hearty hot dog is the perfect tailgating food for a Super Bowl party. Make it extra hearty by using some of your other game-day fare like the chili. Your guests will be cheering on your simple dish more than the game!  

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Finger-lickin’ good ribs are another bone-in Super Bowl food that makes for a happy party. They are perfect for baking or throwing on the grill so you can give your homegate guests a delicious tailgate experience. You know, without the freezing weather and outdoor bathrooms.

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What is a game-day without a delicious burger? Burgers will always make people feel like they are at a classic tailgate, and they can be the easiest thing to make and keep warm, so you can watch the game without spending the entire day at the grill or in the kitchen.  

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Potato Salad


Easy and delicious, a potato salad is the ultimate side dish to pair with game-day fare. Potato salad is the perfect pre-made side that will allow you to get back to the game by simply pulling it out of the refrigerator come game time!

Click here to see the Grandma Wood's Potato Salad Recipe

Macaroni Salad


Another simple premade side, macaroni salad will make your guests feel like they are in the lot of the Super Bowl stadium. Plus the recipe we are sharing is not only really simple to made it is healthy too!

Click here to see the PointsPlus Classic Macaroni Salad Recipe

Baked Beans


While we all know what baked beans are good for and what they will make you do, you cannot resist serving these at a Super Bowl party. Hearty and flavorful, this recipe goes way beyond the stuff you’ll find in a can!

Click here to see the Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole Recipe

Meatball Sub


Whether you call them heroes, hoagies or subs, a sandwich is essential to a Super Bowl Party. Meatballs are particularly perfect, as you can pop them in the slow cooker and leave them for super easy self-serve sandwiches as the game goes on.  

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What could be more flavorful or mo​re easy than a dish of baked enchiladas? With a zesty taste that packs a punch, enchiladas will make your game-day table way more hearty.

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Is there any meal more party-perfect than a pizza? Sure you could order a few boxes for delivery, but making your own margherita pizza can mean a much more flavorful and more bang-for-your-buck experience.

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Perfect for nachos, enchiladas or just paired with chips, this winter salsa recipe is perfect for game-day as its ingredients are completely in season! Spice it up to your personal heat-index threshold and wow your party with a freshly made easy dip.

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