15 Effortless Lasagna Recipes For Your Next Dinner Party

Lasagna happens to be a dish that everyone can enjoy. There are ton of ways to make this classic baked pasta dish. Whether you're vegan, lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, or carnivorous, lasagna is the perfect dish for you. What I love most about lasagna is that you can easily make it ahead — which gives you more time to spend with your guests.

Beef and Sausage Lasagna

This easy, cheesy lasagna recipe uses both beef and Italian sausage for a hearty, flavorful baked pasta dish. Add some heat by using hot Italian sausage and adding a pinch of red pepper flakes to the marinara sauce.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Super creamy and packed with antioxidants, this butternut squash lasagna strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory. If you don't have butternut squash on hand, substitute carrots or sweet potatoes instead.

Fresh Vegetable Lasagna

You'll have to spend a few minutes chopping vegetables, but this healthy and delicious lasagna is worth it. It's packed with mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and spinach.

Greek Lasagna

Greek lasagna, also known as pastitsio, is made up of a meat filling, a creamy white sauce, and pasta layered and baked in a pan until golden brown.

Lazy Day Lasagna

If you're skeptical about cooking lasagna in a slow cooker, have no fear — it's as easy as layering the ingredients and walking away. This recipe will have your lasagna pan gathering dust. The Italian purist in me was happy to find that traditional lasagna noodles bake up beautifully without boiling them first, and my boys were delighted to eat this for dinner and again as tasty leftovers. —Marlene Koch

Mexican-Style Lasagna

Swap corn tortillas for noodles and salsa for tomato sauce, then add beans and a healthy dose of fresh spinach. The result? This crowd-pleasing Mexican-inspired one-pot dinner.

Seafood Lasagna

Who wants to work for a lobster dinner when you can enjoy lobster along with other seafood favorites in this remarkably delicious lasagna?

Skillet Lasagna

This rustic skillet-baked lasagna is meaty and delicious. If you have a seasoned cast-iron skillet, use it; it will give the finished dish lots of extra flavor.

Slow-Cooker Mushroom Spinach Lasagna

The great thing about this easy-to-make lasagna is that it cooks slowly over the course of several hours; that gives the flavors lots of time to develop. If you wanted to add even more flavor, you could easily substitute the can of diced tomatoes with a can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes.

Smoked Mozzarella, Chicken, and Spinach Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those dishes that can be taken in lots of directions: You can stick with the traditional mixture of ground beef and mozzarella for a comforting trip down memory lane, or you can mix and match, swapping in different ingredients that still come together in a comforting layered casserole, the result of a successful experiment. —Dan Myers

Spinach Lasagna

No one will be complaining about eating his or her vegetables when you serve this delicious vegetarian lasagna. Chock-full of dark leafy greens, cheese, and herbs, this lasagna is as delicious as it is good for you.

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

This lasagna is simple and easy to make, and the ricotta adds a creaminess that other lasagnas need béchamel sauce to achieve. The layer of basil adds extra freshness, so be sure to use basil leaves, not dried.

Vegan Lasagna

You may be skeptical of a meat-free, dairy-free lasagna, but you'll change your mind when you see how quickly this warm, creamy vegan lasagna gets eaten up.

White Turkey Lasagna

This is a creamy and delicious lasagna recipe that shines as a hearty holiday-themed meal even when the holidays are far away.

Zucchini Lasagna

This noodle-free lasagna is creamy, cheesy, and delicious, making it perfect for anyone who wants to eat more vegetables. If you have a mandoline, use it to slice the zucchini; it will make it easier to get evenly sized pieces.