This LA Pizza Shop Is Making Sparkly Jack-o'-Lantern Pizzas for Halloween

Spooky, sparkly and delicious

This Santa Monica pizza shop is making sparkly jack-o'-lantern cheese pizzas and they’re spooky and cute.

The only thing that could possibly be better than Halloween candy is Halloween pizza. One Los Angeles-area pizza shop is making a pizza pie that’s more treat than trick, and it’s spooky cute. Dagwoods in Santa Monica is selling a cheese pizza decorated with a sparkly jack-o'-lantern grin in honor of Halloween.

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Dagwoods “Spooky AF” pizzas are made with extra mozzarella, homemade sauce, and homemade dough, and they’re sprinkled with edible “super spooky” black and orange glitter to give them their friendly jack-o'-lantern faces. “People are absolutely loving [them] so far!” a Dagwoods representative told The Daily Meal when we asked how many they had sold.


We can see why people would love the festive, glittery Halloween pizza pie. The Spooky AF pizza is oh so cute and totally customizable. You can add meats or veggies and even top it with Daiya vegan cheese and kale — it is LA after all. Plus, the pizzas come in three different sizes, so you can share your friendly jack-o'-lantern face with a group or demolish it as a personal pizza. Dagwoods Spooky AF pizza is available until Halloween ends. So make sure to stock up on pizza and candy before the big day or you’ll be the most hated house on Halloween.