The Best Restaurants in the Middle of Nowhere

High-quality restaurants don’t need to be in locations with large populations
Restaurants in the Middle of Nowhere

Brian Sheehan takes a look at some of the must-visit restaurants in the middle of nowhere.

Pittsboro, North Carolina's Fearrington House is considered one of America's finest restaurants.

When it comes to the best restaurants in the world, big cities like New York, Paris, and Tokyo get all the love. But what’s to stop a high-quality restaurant with skilled chefs and delicious food from opening up in a smaller city? Or a town? Or even out in the countryside in a place that most people have never even heard of?

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Short answer: Nothing. Obviously the “best” restaurants often open in large cities because they’re looking for a larger clientele base and a higher chance of success, but a truly great eatery only needs a dedicated group of more-or-less local regulars to keep it going — or food so good that out-of-towners are willing to make the trip.

Although most of these eateries aren’t completely cut off from towns or people (they do need some customers), they are located in places with small populations, sometimes along back-country roads, and often in areas that the Google Maps Street View car apparently chose to skip. Of course, if you live near one of these restaurants, they probably don't seem like they're in the middle of nowhere — but chances are, they're in places that out-of-towners would never think to visit if these wonderful places weren't there.


Additional reporting by Matt Sulem.