McDonald’s New Triple Breakfast Stacks Double Down on Meat and Cheese

Calling all carnivores

Triple Breakfast Stacks hit stores November 1.

Move over Arby’s, because McDonald’s has the meats now. Starting November 1, the chain will offer new Triple Breakfast Stacks, which are essentially monster-sized versions of the classic Egg McMuffin. We all know and love the original version, but apparently not everyone was onboard with the single serving of sausage — McDonald's says this behemoth breakfast was inspired by all the people who kept hacking the menu to make it meatier.

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McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks come with two slices of melty American cheese between two hot sausage patties, which are then topped with crispy, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and egg. Guests have the choice of ordering it on a toasted English muffin (aka a McMuffin), a biscuit or sweet and savory McGriddle cakes. No word on pricing yet, but The Daily Meal has reached out to McDonald’s to find out.

mcdonalds triple breakfast stacks

Courtesy of McDonald's

The original Egg McMuffin launched in 1971 and has undoubtedly been a restaurant staple every since. But McDonald’s is a creature of habit and doesn’t really experiment with new food often, apart from the rotating menu of international food items at its flagship in Chicago. Triple Breakfast Stacks are the first new breakfast sandwiches to launch at McDonald’s since the Egg White Delight came to fruition in 2013. Customers may soon be able to wash it all down with cold brew, which is currently testing in San Diego.

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Over the last few years, the Golden Arches has made other changes with a large impact, like swapping margarine for real butter and nixing all artificial preservatives formerly found in its food. The Illinois-based burger chain recently also made some core changes to its beloved apple pie, and people were a little upset they’d never see the unhealthful version ever again.