Carl’s Jr. Is Selling Bacon Truffle Burgers and Cheese Fries: Here’s Our Honest Review

It's a lot, but it's so, so good

Some chains just test out bacon on their menus. Others do the bacon and cheese thing. And then there is Carl’s Jr., one chain that’s going for full indulgence by adding bacon, cheese and truffles to two new menu items. Starting today (March 27) and continuing for a limited time, the fast food chain is serving up the new Bacon Truffle Angus Burger and Bacon Truffle Cheese Fries at participating Carl’s Jr. restaurants across America for a limited time. And we got to try them.

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“But wait!” you’re thinking. “Truffles are an excessively expensive ingredient known to be sprinkled on to some of the priciest pasta in the most overpriced restaurants. How could they ever be translated to a $5.99 burger and a $2.79 side of fries?”

Carl's Jr. Bacon Truffle Fries review

Carl's Jr.

Well, we’re glad you asked! The burger and fries feature a truffle-infused white cheddar sauce that Carl’s Jr. points out is made with both natural and artificial flavors. So if you have Champagne taste on a beer budget, this is a way to get some truffle in your life without splurging on some of the most expensive fast food in the world.

So, how do these new menu items taste? Three Daily Meal editors got to try them and were genuinely surprised by the quality. It's no secret; truffle oil and truffle-infused products can be cheap and can be nasty. But the earthiness of the truffle in both the burger sauce and the french fries was subtle yet satisfying. The burger in particular was decadent. In addition to the rich truffle cheese sauce, the Angus beef patty came with bacon, Swiss cheese, frizzled onions and caramelized onions all on a brioche bun. Be sure to bring your appetite.

The fries were slightly less intense, with just the white truffle cheese sauce and bacon. But thanks to parsley and chives in the sauce, the side was herbaceous, nutty and creamy. We tried these items in a ritzy New York neighborhood and felt like they would have easily fit on a menu at a bistro around the corner.


It’s safe to say the Bacon Truffle Angus Burger and Bacon Truffle Cheese Fries aren’t your mama’s fast food menu items. Limited-edition promotions like these (and Froot Loops doughnuts and Jolly Rancher milkshakes) are just another one of those crazy ways that fast food has changed.