Burger Chains to Look Out for in 2018

The ‘better burger’ movement is on a roll

Super Duper Burger has earned a loyal following in and around San Francisco.

The “fast-casual” industry — think of places like Panera — is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Technavio, the market for fast-casual fare is expected to hit $66.87 billion by 2020, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of fast-casual concepts that have opened in recent years that are going to be competing for their share of the pie, some as offshoots of major fast food chains and some from big-name fine dining chefs. Plenty of burger joints are in this category, and we’ve tracked down 10 that should be on your radar.

Burger Chains to Look Out for in 2018 Gallery

Perhaps no type of food is more associated with (or suited for) quick-service lunchtime fare than burgers, and the fast-casual movement is leaving old-fashioned greasy spoon fast food burger joints in the dust. The folks behind these “better burger” concepts, as they’re known, know that modern diners want to know where the ingredients are sourced, they want to know if they’re high-quality and all-natural, and they want to know that their food is made with care. They want to customize their burgers (or choose from a variety of cheffed-up creations), and if they’re not in the mood for a beef patty, they want veggie and turkey patties as options. In short, consumers are demanding a higher level of quality and service, and these concepts are delivering.


There’s no shortage of fast-casual concepts angling for market share these days, and if you work in a city we bet that there’s a huge variety of nearby lunch options ranging from salad and bowl concepts to Middle Eastern, Italian, Mexican, and Indian-inspired chains vying to be the next big thing. But sometimes, you just want a burger, and these places are serving some of the finest burgers you’ll ever try.