The Best Office Cafeterias in America

There’s no such thing as a ‘sad desk lunch’ at these offices

Microsoft's cafeteria contains a wide array of food options for the company's staff.

If you’re eating a sandwich at your desk right now, get ready to drop your jaw — and your lunch. You won’t be able to stomach another bite, because these outstanding office cafeterias have humble workers everywhere seething with envy. Some of the country’s biggest businesses and tech giants are serving their employees discounted and free food that looks better than some gourmet restaurants’ fare.

The Best Office Cafeterias in America Gallery

Sad desk lunch” sounds like a fable from another time for these companies’ personnel. Many are run by former chefs of five-star restaurants. Others were designed by experienced interior designers to facilitate a harmonious and often social experience of an otherwise mundane space.

In some of these dining halls, pool tables have been imported to encourage camaraderie. Guest chef appearances are organized to keep everyone intrigued. Some companies have even organized their space to specifically cater to a nutrition-focused staff, categorizing foods based on their healthfulness and preparing nutrient-dense, colorful meals. In fact, the meals are sometimes so gorgeously plated that employees regularly Instagram their lunches.


Many of the cafeterias on this list don’t like to be called “cafeteria.” They prefer “café” or “dining area.” And once you see the photos and read the details, you’ll understand why.