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The Best Food Truck in Every State

Every state from North Dakota to New York is home to a gem
food truck

The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the best food trucks in all 50 states sourced from thousands of online reviews. 

Food trucks occupy their own unique restaurant category, balancing quality, creativity, and value with speed, accessibility, and of course, parking. In many cases, they come to you, willing to trek through terrain inaccessible to other food purveyors. We rely on food trucks to nourish us at music festivals, broaden our lunch horizons, and cater our bar mitzvahs, graduations, and engagement parties.

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Food truck owners don’t do it for the glamour or the fame or to meet Tyler Florence; they choose the confines of a stuffy 5-foot-by-10-foot kitchen space to share with us their cuisine, creativity, and culture. If traditional restaurants are like full length novels, then food trucks are novellas — concentrated and poignant. The most successful operations can take a style of cooking, boil it down into a few signature dishes, and expose an unaware group of eaters to new culinary opportunities.

These fearless restaurant nomads exist across the country, occupying pockets of every state. Thousands of trucks fuel up their gas and propane tanks each day to provide us with the best grub possible. Selecting the best food truck in every state is no easy task, but it’s an honor to be able to highlight our favorites. We pay respect to the originals, like New York’s Cinnamon Snail and The Chairman in San Francisco, but we also bring attention to newcomers and lesser known operations.


To determine the best food truck in every state, we scoured the internet, reading hundreds of reviews, menus, Facebook comments, and Instagram posts. We even consulted our list of the 101 best food trucks in America for 2018. There’s always a degree of subjectivity with lists like these (California alone has hundreds of different trucks in operation), but we hope you’re motivated to hit the road and seek out the best food trucks in every state.