14 New Great (And Healthy) Snacks

Talking with the snack creators about what's next


Aside from that product, what's coming up for your brand?

Arielle D’Avanzo, Farm Rich: Farm Rich has lots of exciting — and delicious! — new offerings coming out over these next few months… Farm Rich is introducing baked Avocado Slices… The avocado slices are cut from premium whole Hass avocados and tossed in a potato stick coating flavored with ancho chiles. Also Pimento Cheese Bites and Fiesta Chicken Roll Ups!

Wayne Cherrington, Godshall’s: Our artisan butcher line has several items about to roll out, different flavors, different proteins, but all of them are bold flavors and all-natural. We have a series of fully-cooked, perfectly-spiced turkey breasts in five flavors like maple apple, barbecue, and Cuban Spice. Next up, we have all-natural snack sticks in beef, turkey, and pepperoni with as little as 80 calories and 8 grams of protein per satisfying stick. And headed for your local shelf any day now are our thick-cut, stacked and rubbed pork bacons. Again, uncured, all-natural, and real wood-smoked, these “sipping bacons” are a savored slice of Korean BBQ, Apple Spice, Coffee Vanilla, and my personal favorite, Bourbon Molasses -- a complex flavor profile that just pours over the tongue in waves!

Gabriela Grossmann, Bakerly: Our new launch is crunchy crêpes, rolled crêpes filled with rice crispy hazelnut chocolate or caramel. Imagine a rice crispy chocolate bar, wrapped into a crêpe.

Mary Schulman, Snikiddy and Good Health: Snikiddy will introduce non-GMO-verified Purple Corn Puffs in white Cheddar and sea salt, and Good Health has non-GMO-verified Veggie Stix with Cheddar.

Diane Lilli, Farmer’s Pantry: We are launching a line of meal snacks that combine a meat and a side in a convenient “dual pouch” bag, which keeps the meat moist and the other side crunchy until opened, when two ingredients mix. We have three products: steak and fries, chicken and waffle crisps, and turkey and fixin’s. All have a reasonable calorie count and decent amount of protein.

Kayleigh Westerfield, Hi-Chew: Hi-Chew, the No. 1 soft candy in Japan, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in America in 2018. We will release more innovative flavors.

Sheila Mains, Sheila G's Brownie Brittle: We are launching new holiday products — to hit shelves in November — including our Thindulgent line with flavors like peppermint bark, milk chocolate pretzel bark, caramel brownie brittle bites, peppermint dark chocolate brownie brittle bites, and salted caramel with dark drizzle brownie brittle.

Mala Wiedemann, G.H. Cretors: We have a whole new lineup of popcorn flavors in the pipeline that are going to launch in 2018. I don’t want to spill the beans too much, but it’s going to include twists on some classic popcorn flavors.

Cady Roberts, Hain Celestial: Terra is always bringing unique blends of real vegetable chips to consumers. We have a few new products launching in January, so stay tuned.

Laila Banejad, Cucina & Amore: We have a new line of ready-to-eat Farro Meals that will be coming out this fall. It’s the same concept as our Quinoa Meals but with farro.

PJ Roustan, Country Archer Jerky Co.: Launching nationally with 7-Eleven in September, Country Archer will introduce our highly-anticipated line of paleo-certified meat sticks made with wholesome ingredients, zero sugar, 100 percent grass-fed beef and antibiotic- and hormone-free turkey. Be sure to keep an eye out for them at your local grocery store, too! That’s right, we’re reviving this traditional truck stop staple with our winning recipes featuring “More meat. Less bull. No Junk.”

Helene Caillate, GoGo SqueeZ: We always have new products in the works! Our seasonal favorite, GoGo SqueeZ Apple Pumpkin Spice, is hitting shelves again this year, and we’re currently working on a whole new line for next year. We are also continuing our work with Action for Healthy Kids to fund school grants for physical education and healthy eating activities at schools in September.

Marc Heinke, Precidio Design: Our newest product is Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box Unique, a black, white, and clear motif for an older age group. The dual six-ounce compartments that you find with the Snack in the Box also helps to limit the amount of snacks you eat when packing healthy but sometimes high-calorie snacks.


Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York?

Arielle D’Avanzo, Farm Rich: La Loteria — the peanut butter salsa and enchiladas are delish! And the new Farm Rich avocado slices would be a great menu addition. (laughs)

Wayne Cherrington, Godshall’s: I’ll defer to my daughter on this one, and she drags me to Republic what seems like every weekend. Though I suspect she enjoys watching me sweat some of those hotter soups, she claims that left to my own devices, I’d live on $1 slices and Papaya Dogs.

Gabriela Grossmann, Bakerly: I have plenty, but BondSt for sushi could be my favorite. Five Leaves (for brunch), Tamarind (Indian), La Esquina (Mexican), Buddakan (Asian), Spotted Pig (burgers), Bouley (French), Olmsted (American), Llama Inn (Peruvian)... But I could also recommend desserts places. I also like many but Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Levain Bakery, OddFellows Ice Cream Co, Dough... I could stay doing this list forever... Definitely New York is the best place in the world!

Mary Schulman, Snikiddy and Good Health: Cava — one just opened on Park Ave South. I visited before attending Snack Attack.

Robert Schuler, Giant Snacks: I loved Ippudo. The food was ridiculous and the service was great. Hirata Buns (chicken) ranks near the top for any appetizer I have had the pleasure of eating. The ramen was delicious and a great mix of Japanese flavors. We actually went twice on our trip, which is always a good sign

Diane Lilli, Farmer’s Pantry: Our family is big fans of ABC Cocina.

Kayleigh Westerfield, Hi-Chew: When I’m in New York, I always need to stop at Junior's. Its cheesecake is my favorite!

Sheila Mains, Sheila G's Brownie Brittle: ABC Kitchen. They support Cookies for Kids Cancer, one of our favorite partner nonprofits, and the food is awesome!

Mala Wiedemann, G.H. Cretors: I love the great restaurants and hidden gems in New York City, but I have to say, my all-time favorite NYC food is a street-cart hotdog! It’s my guilty pleasure and I always sneak one as soon as I reach the city.

Cady Roberts, Hain Celestial: My favorite restaurant is L’Artusi. Even if I didn’t live in the West Village, it would still be L’Artusi.

Laila Banejad, Cucina & Amore: I’ve only been to New York a handful of times, but I really enjoy the Halal Guys. I don’t know if you’d count that as a restaurant, but their food is definitely a must during every visit!

PJ Roustan, Country Archer Jerky Co.: Like any self-professed foodie and no-nonsense carnivore, I sought the advice of some New York locals in my search of the city’s tastiest fare. Let’s just say I was not disappointed after my trip to the legendary Katz’s Delicatessen. I will be dreaming and drooling over that homemade pastrami sandwich for years to come!

Helene Caillate, GoGo SqueeZ: I’m a big fan of ABC Kitchen — farm-to-table, delicious, and my kids can find healthy options they like. Major win!


Marc Heinke, Precidio Design: Carmine’s Times Square has a family feel, amazing Nona-approved meatballs, and cool atmosphere.