Starbucks Japan Now Has 'Witch' And 'Princess' Frappuccinos

Starbucks' seasonal beverages are always super festive, and this Halloween season Starbucks Japan has really nailed it with the two latest Frappuccino creations. This year, Japanese Starbucks locations are selling limited-edition witch and princess Frappuccinos to really make your Halloween spooky and sparkling.

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According to Business Insider, both of these seasonal frapps have an apple base to mimic the flavor of candy apples. The Halloween Witch Frappuccino is a swirl of kooky colors from the blood red of an apple compote, a crumbled caramel cookie, and dark chocolate sauce. The Halloween Princess Frappuccino is pretty and pink. The drink also has an apple compote, but it's mixed with milk and white mocha sauce to make it petal-hued. It's also topped with little silver and rose-colored pearl-sprinkles.

If that's not enough of a Halloween treat for you, Starbucks Japan is also selling Halloween witch and princess doughnuts. Sounds like a spell for a spooky tummyache! While we don't know if these creations will ever make to the U.S., we do know that it's still PSL season. If you're looking to branch out from the 'Bucks, check out the best pumpkin spice latte in every state.