bottomless brunch
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The Best Bottomless Brunch Deal in Every State

Please drink responsibly
bottomless brunch
Austin Melonie Carroll /

We found the best and booziest brunch deals so you can drink on the cheap.

I love brunch, you love brunch, he loves brunch, she loves brunch — we all love brunch so much it’s actually become a verb. Are you guys ready to brunch? All week, we look forward to dressing up (or down) to sit with our friends in lively spaces to socialize, eat and Instagram trendy foods, and most importantly to day-drink mimosas and bloody marys — and lots of them.

The Best Bottomless Brunch Deal in Every State (Where It’s Legal) Gallery

We often fantasize about fluffy buttermilk pancakes dripping with maple syrup or the sensual pop of poached egg yolk oozing down an English muffin, but there’s no denying that booze is the main attraction. Alcoholic beverages can run up quite the tab if you order by the glass, so if you want to make the most out of your Sunday fun day, you may as well go bottomless.

In an extensive search for the best unlimited drink specials, we first called alcoholic beverage authorities in every single state and Washington, D.C., to find out where such promotions are actually legal. But even in places where it’s unlawful, some establishments work around restrictions by offering drinks for as cheap as a penny. We’ll drink responsibly to that.

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So scrape up the quarters between your couch cushions or sell an old family heirloom (kidding, please don’t do that) and have your designated driver drop you off at the joint with the best bottomless brunch deal in your state.