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15 Instant Pot Desserts Perfect for Winter

Dessert in your slow-cooker? Why, of course! Check out these essential slow-cooker dessert recipes
apple dessert

Now you can bake all your sweet treats the easiest way possible

We love the Instant Pot, but are you using yours to its full potential? You’ve probably already made a variety of savory dishes using this marvelous device. The Instant Pot can pressure cook, sauté, sear, and function as a rice cooker, slow-cooker, and yogurt-maker to boot. For this roundup of delectable desserts, the slow-cooker is the setting most frequently used — with a wonderful pressure cooker crème brûlée thrown in to mix things up!

15 Instant Pot Desserts Perfect for Winter Recipes

Baking — an art usually calling for precision and focus — is made simple with a slow-cooker. When made in an Instant Pot or some similar appliance, desserts don’t require much prep time, don’t include as many fussy steps or techniques, and don’t require vigilant supervision, making the entire process from start to finish virtually stress-free. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Slow-cookers are exactly what you need to whip up sweet delights with minimal effort. You just throw all of your ingredients into the pot and let them cook while you worry about more important things — like making dinner or­­­ spending time with your family.


Check out this recipe roundup of our best-ever slow-cooker desserts, spanning everything from delicious fruit breads to moist chocolate cakes to decadent fudge. Your friends and family won’t believe how effortlessly you made these 15 Instant Pot desserts that are perfect for winter.