Healthy Summer Desserts That Won't Sabotage Your Beach Body

Skip the calories but keep the decadence with these tasty and healthy summer dessert recipes
Healthy Summer Desserts

You’re going to love these healthy dessert options.


Just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean our deepest dessert desires have melted away with the summer sun. Despite the fact that almost everyone is obsessed with achieving or maintaining a svelte and sexy look for summer, we know that deep down, anyone would dive right into a vat of chocolate ice cream if given the opportunity.

Healthy Summer Desserts That Will Keep You Body Beach Ready

And in the summer, temptation is everywhere. Even the people you see running laps around the local park look lustfully at the ice cream truck as it sings its way down the street. The truth is, dear friends, you only live once. So why not have it all?

Summer, though it’s full of sources of sweets, doesn’t have to be unhealthy. In fact, there are options that range from frozen treats to hearty pies that can come in at under 300 calories a serving. And doesn’t your body deserve to be svelte, sexy, and satisfied?

That’s why we pulled together some tasty treats that won’t tip the scale. You can get your chocolate fix with Whole Foods Market’s creamy chocolate avocado pudding or cool off with our tasty mango lassi pops from Missy Chase Lapine. Whatever you are craving, we promise we have a recipe for you.

In this case, you can totally have your cake and eat it too.

Apple Pie Smoothie

This delectable (and healthy!) apple pie smoothie will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your need for a cool refresher!

Banana Nice Cream

Easy as one, two, three, this creamy, sweet, and cool snack or dessert proves that added sugar and oil are not always necessary to satisfy your cravings.


— Whole Foods Market