11 Essential Passover Recipes

Passover — the Jewish spring holiday that commemorates the miraculous liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt — is a multiple-day celebration rich in tradition. The Passover Seder is the ceremonial meal that marks the beginning of the observance.

As we mentioned above, tradition and ceremony play an important part in the Passover celebration — the Seder, which begins after sundown, is certainly no exception. It includes a retelling of the story of the liberation. Those who celebrate use a Haggadah to lead them through the ceremonies of the Seder, which include singing, reading, drinking ceremonial wine and discussing the symbolism of the foods arranged on a Seder plate.

Matzo, a special type of unleavened bread, is one food commonly associated with Passover. The absence of any leavened bread at the table serves as a reminder of the haste with which the Israelites fled — so quickly that they did not have time to wait for any dough to rise. The matzo eaten during Passover symbolizes freedom and hope and also reminds one to be humble, since leavened bread, with all its puffiness and hot air, is associated during this time with pride and corruption.

Bitter herbs, known as maror, are another aspect of the Seder meal, with their bitterness symbolizing the bitterness of the enslavement in Egypt. Charoset, a traditional mixture of fruit, nuts and other sweet ingredients and spices, evokes the mud bricks or mortar used in the building work the enslaved Israelites were forced to do.

After the ceremonial meal, most enjoy a modest feast among friends and family, and there are plenty of tasty dishes that can complement cherished traditions. We searched The Daily Meal recipe archives high and low to find some of our most delicious (kosher!) recipes — from slow-roasted salmon and classic braised brisket (with a speedy twist) to matzo ball soup and more — to try this Passover, so scroll onward for the 11 essential Passover recipes.

This salad incorporates sweet apples, crunchy walnuts and bitter arugula for a wonderful balance of savory and sweet!

For the Apple and Arugula Salad With Toasted Walnuts recipe, click here.

Citrus Glazed Roasted Carrots

Lemon and orange juices add a bright citrus note to roasted carrots. The honey glaze brings out the natural sweetness in carrots.

For the Citrus Glazed Roasted Carrots recipe, click here.

Classic Passover Baked Whitefish With Dill and Tomato-Cucumber Relish

This classic herb-covered baked whitefish is served with a gentle, fresh tomato relish.

For the Classic Passover Baked Whitefish With Dill and Tomato-Cucumber Relish recipe, click here.

Gefilte Fish in White Wine-Herb Broth

This take on gefilte fish may stray a bit from tradition by using white wine infused with herbs instead of the usual fish broth, but it is sure to be delicious nonetheless.

For the Gefilte Fish in White Wine-Herb Broth recipe, click here.

Instant Pot Brisket Pot Roast

Here's a traditional braised brisket recipe that takes half the time by using a pressure cooker, but delivers results that are just as savory and delicious as you'd get with a recipe you would cook low and slow.

For the Instant Pot Brisket Pot Roast recipe, click here.

Matzo Ball Soup

Duck fat gives these matzo balls a richness, and the homemade stock for the soup makes this classic wholesome matzo ball soup recipe a cut above the rest.

For the Matzo Ball Soup recipe, click here.

Moscato Spice Charoset

This delicious charoset features lovely (kosher) moscato wine as well as apples, walnuts, dates, cinnamon and orange zest for a wonderfully spicy and floral finish.

For the Moscato Spice Charoset recipe, click here.


Nutty and Sweet Matzo Granola

Start your morning right with this delicious granola that pairs wonderfully with yogurt and fresh fruit!

For the Nutty and Sweet Matzo Granola recipe, click here.

Quick-Cured Slow-Roasted Salmon With a Twist

Aromatic (and kosher, of course) gin is the secret ingredient in this tasty salmon dish, imparting its distinct flavors of thyme, juniper, coriander and fennel and complementing the rich salmon perfectly.

For the Quick-Cured Slow-Roasted Salmon With a Twist recipe, click here.

Spinach and Feta Matzo Pie

This unleavened pastry dish is a take on the Greek classic spanakopita and uses matzo crackers in place of the usual phyllo dough.

For the Spinach and Feta Matzo Pie recipe, click here.

Spring Vegetable Barigoule

This classic French dish is perfect for Passover. It's filled with fresh spring vegetables, light and flavorful, and — best of all — kosher! For wonderful dessert inspiration check out these 11 desserts that are perfect for Passover!

For the Spring Vegetable Barigoule recipe, click here.

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