8 'Fancy' Foods That Are Actually Easy to Make

Don’t pull your hair out over a botched dinner, try these foolproof recipes instead
8 'Fancy' Foods That Are Actually Easy to Make


Many classic recipes, like this one for a linguini with mussels, are easier to make than it looks.

Sometimes diving head first into a complicated recipe will turn out magnificent, but more often it lands somewhere on the “Pinterest fail” spectrum — and that’s OK when you aren’t under pressure to produce a picture-perfect dinner for guests. Next time you find yourself cooking for a crowd and want to impress with your restaurant-quality dishes, try one of these recipes for ‘fancy’ foods that any cook can master on the first try.

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If you are short on time, try one of our one-pan dinners like this Ahi Tuna and Mushroom Bake recipe that is entirely made using just one sheet pan, keeping cleanup at a minimum without sacrificing flavor or presentation.

Classic dinners like Chicken Marsala with chocolate mousse for dessert are easier than you think and are sure to impress your guests. Want to go all out? Roast a chicken. Not only will the juicy bird with crisp, lacquered skin taste incredible, the smell of browned, nutty butter and vibrant herbs isn’t bad either for ambience.

For more delicious, impressive dinners that anyone can make, check out these eight recipes for ‘fancy’ foods.

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