7 Underrated Foods For Weight Loss

7 Underrated Foods for Weight Loss

Everyone is looking for a way to lose weight quickly and easily. Instead of searching for a weight-loss "magic bullet," try these underrated health foods. Click here to see the full story.


Apples are low in calories yet have almost 20 percent of your daily recommended fiber. Eat them plain or spread them with a bit of unsweetened almond butter for added protein.


Almonds are high in calories so you have to snack wisely but they're well worth the splurge; one cup of almonds has almost half of your daily recommended protein and fiber so even a handful can help curb hunger (don't go for the whole cup at once, though — it contains nearly 530 calories. 


Whether you love rice and beans or prefer hummus, eating more beans in one form or another could lead to a healthier body weight; legumes are a good source of fiber and protein.

Chile Peppers

Capsaicin, the naturally occurring compound in chile peppers that gives them their spicy kick, may help you burn fat. If you like spicy food, try cooking with hot peppers, adding hot pepper sauce to soups and stews, or sprinkling red pepper flakes on food.


Eggs seem to go in and out of fashion as a health food, but the truth is they're a good source of protein and some healthy fats. That means they can help you feel fuller longer. If you're worried about cholesterol, simply limit your intake of egg yolks — you'll still get lots of protein from the egg white.


It looks like there's more than one reason that mushrooms are a common substitute for beef. In a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who ate mushroom-based entrées reported the same levels of satiety as those who ate meat-based entrées even though they consumed less fat and fewer calories.


Oatmeal is a great choice for weight control since the energy from its carbohydrates is released slowly (which can encourage your body to burn fat instead of storing it). Just be sure to choose a low-sugar or no sugar added oatmeal.