5 Desserts That Prove Nutella Is the Universe's Gift to Mankind

Just one bite of this chocolate-hazelnut spread and you will be adding it to all your desserts
How To Make Homemade Nutella

Jill Donenfeld, founder of The Culinistas and author of Better On Toast, shows you how to make homemade nutella.

5 Desserts That Prove Nutella Is the Universe's Gift to Mankind


Nutella is a chocolate-hazelnut spread made in Italy by the Ferrero Group.

It is hard to believe that the creamy, chocolate-hazelnut spread didn’t exist until 1964. It may be one of Italy’s greatest contributions to the world, or at least the dessert world, and it worked its way into our hearts after just one bite.

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Like Spain’s Nocilla (also released in the 1960s), Nutella is a chocolate spread made with sugar,  palm oil, skim milk, hazelnuts, and cocoa. While Nutella may have found itself in some legal hot water in the U.S. after advertising their product as part of a nutritious breakfast, we believe Nutella is at the very least an essential part of delicious desserts.

Now, The Daily Meal is here to prove just how great a gift this delectable treat is with five dessert recipes that showcase the silky-smooth ingredient in all its glory — baked into cookies, folded into ganache, and even deep-fried.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we suggest with an open jar and spoon, but if you want to get a little creative with this Italian specialty, keep reading for five dessert recipes featuring Nutella.

Nutella, Banana, and Caramel Dessert Pizza

5 Desserts That Prove Nutella Is the Universe's Gift to Mankind


You can top this Nutella dessert pizza with fruit.

This combines two of the greatest gifts in the world — pizza and Nutella. There’s  no way you won’t love this chocolate, hazelnut, banana, and caramel pizza.

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Nutella Boston Cream Pie

Nutella Boston Cream Pie


This Boston cream pie is filled with Nutella.

If you're a sucker for Boston cream pie, then your world just got a lot better. This recipe uses Nutella to make a ganache to spread over the moist, icing-filled cake to create a rich, flavorful addition to the classic recipe.  — Milisa Armstrong

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Nutella Chip Cookies



These Nutella Chip Cookies have a slight hazlenut taste.

The only way to improve upon the glorious chocolate chip cookie is to add our favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread.

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Nutella Macarons



This Nutella Macaron has a sweet hazelnut flavor.

There's Nutella ice cream, Nutella cookies, and even Nutella pizza. So why not take the two dessert foods that everyone is crazy about, Nutella and macarons, and combine them? Genius! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? — Christina Ha

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Nutella Ricotta Zeppole



These Nutella Ricotta Zeppole are served with powdered sugar.

Deep-fried nutella and ricotta dumplings dusted with powdered sugar — need we say more?

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