23 Things You Didn’t Know Your Slow-Cooker Could Do

From easy dinner ideas to DIY weekend projects, we have your slow-cooker needs covered
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23 Things You Didn’t Know Your Slow-Cooker Could Do


You may be suprised to learn that you can cook a whole chicken in your slow-cooker.

While we all love the simplicity that slow-cookers bring to our cooking life, we don’t all take advantage of every aspect of this multifaceted piece of kitchen equipment.

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No one is saying that the classic slow-cooker soups and stews aren’t delicious dinner ideas, especially on cold winter days, but you can use your slow-cooker year round for canning, roasting, baking, and even Play-Doh-making.

Whether you are looking to save some money, while keeping up your healthy diet by making your own stocks, yogurts, and jams, or you just can’t resist a delicious DIY-project, we have 23 things you probably didn’t know your slow-cooker could do.

What makes the slow-cooker so unique is its ability to regulate low-temperature cooking over long periods of time, something that is hard to replicate on a grill, in an oven, or on a stove. Keep foods warm while you serve your guests, like with slow-cooker warm drinks, cook dinner slowly and safely while you are out of the house all day, or use your slow-cooker like a small steaming oven for moist cakes and puddings.

Looking for some inspiration for how you can make the most of this handy kitchen appliance? Check out everything from dinner ideas to ideas for weekend projects on our complete list.

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