12 Waffle Recipes Leslie Knope Would Approve Of For Waffle Week

12 Waffle Recipes Leslie Knope Would Approve of for Waffle Week

JJ's Diner might be the home of Leslie Knope's perfect waffles — golden brown, stacked high, and covered in whipped cream — but The Daily Meal has 12 waffle recipes that would surely receive a stamp of approval from Knope herself. Listen to the sage wisdom of our favorite waffle aficionado, who explained: "We need to remember what's important in life. Friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. It doesn't matter. But work is third."

Carrot Waffles with Mascarpone Cream and Roasted Pineapple

These awe-inspiring waffles look beautiful and taste even better. Mascarpone cream is the perfect elegant touch: It'll make you reconsider ever using syrup again. — Lauren Gordon

For the Carrot Waffles with Mascarpone Cream and Roasted Pineapple recipe, click here.

Chocolate Waffles

The whole family will enjoy these sweet, tender waffles. Top each waffle with a dollop of whipped cream if you wish. Be sure to use unsweetened cocoa, not hot chocolate mix. — Atkins Nutritionals Inc.

For the Chocolate Waffles recipe, click here.

Churro Waffle

This sweet combination will leave you wondering why you never thought of this before. The spice and crunch of a churro combined with the fluffy texture and shape of a waffle topped in maple syrup can't be outdone.

For the Churro Waffle recipe, click here.

Lemon-Blueberry Waffles

Turn these gluten-free lemon-blueberry waffles into the perfect unconventional breakfast sandwich with the addition of an egg cooked to your liking.

For the Lemon-Blueberry Waffles recipe, click here.

Potato Waffles

Leftover mashed potatoes can be the base for so many delicious dishes. Take these mashed potato waffles — they're even more delicious because they're so easy to make. Leftover mashed potatoes always lead to good things. — Stephanie Le

For the Potato Waffles recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

If you are searching for a waffle to accompany your latte this fall, look no further. This pumpkin spice waffle uses canned pumpkin and spice in the batter and is topped with pumpkin spice syrup for a truly delicious pumpkin-filled breakfast.

For the Pumpkin Spice Waffles recipe, click here.

Quick and Fruity Crescent Waffles

These simple waffles don't require a mixing bowl. Instead of batter, use Pillsbury crescent rolls for these waffles on the fly.

For the Quick and Fruity Crescent Waffles recipe, click here.

Red Velvet Waffles

With a few simple steps and ingredients that are likely already tucked away in the pantry, this decadent dish from Del Frisco's is easy to replicate. — Del Frisco's

For the Red Velvet Waffles recipe, click here.

Savory Waffles with Ham, Cheddar, and Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are among us, so save the berries and whipped cream for the summer and make savory waffles with ham, Cheddar and Brussels sprouts instead. They're perfect for a special family breakfast or holiday brunch. — Patricia Conte

For the Savory Waffles with Ham, Cheddar, and Brussels Sprouts recipe, click here.

Strawberry Waffle with Balsamic Glaze

These strawberry waffles blur the line between sweet and savory, making them the ideal treat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

For the Strawberry Waffle with Balsamic Glaze recipe, click here.

Waffles with Nougat

These nougat waffles could make for the most decadent breakfast or a really fun dessert. Mixing melted nougat into the batter means every bite will be heavenly.  — Christina Wofford

For the Waffles with Nougat recipe, click here.

Whole-Wheat Banana Waffles

Bananas taste amazing in waffles, giving them a great sweetness without all the added sugar. They also help keep the waffles super moist and really fluffy! —Kelly Hunt

For the Whole-Wheat Banana Waffles recipe, click here.