10 Amazing Meals You Can Make In A Mason Jar

Americans today may have a slight obsession with mason jars. Beyond fulfilling their original duties as a repository for preserved food, these glass canning vessels add instant charm to everything from decor and drinks to pre-prepared foods. People love them so much, in fact, that this past June, an all-mason-jar restaurant opened in New York City.

These versatile containers are absolutely perfect for transporting meals, and as a bonus, they're environmentally friendly. For grab-and-run-out-the-door-because-you-are-in-a-huge-rush breakfasts and lunches, these jars are the way to go. Mason jars are especially useful for overnight oats and layered salads.

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The trick here is in the layering: to keep the crunch and vibrancy of vegetables, nuts, and tender greens, first add the dressing to the jar and build up from there. Begin with the sturdiest and heartiest ingredients and finish with the most delicate and absorbent.  

Don't forget dessert! You can even bake muffins in a jar. Then there are the parfaits: layering creams and fruits with cake makes for easy and elegant post-meal indulgences in a jar.

Rachael Pack is Cook Editor of The Daily Meal. Follow her on Instagram @rachael_pack