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Daniel Holzman
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Daniel Holzman

Executive Chef/ Co-Owner, The Meatball Shop, New York City

"Back when I was really young working at Le Bernardin, there was this one guy that always used to put salt in people's soda (everyone drank soda back then). It was the worst. You'd be so thirsty, working on the line, and turn to take a gulp of your drink and it would be so salty but you couldn't step off the line so you'd just have to grin and bear it.  

Well, in the back of the kitchen was the oyster station and we would line every plate with a base of seaweed to stop the crushed ice from sliding. In order to keep the seaweed bright green we would blanch it in boiling water, which gave it a beautiful vibrant color. By the end of the night, the warm wet seaweed would leach an off-brown viscous ooze into the bottom of the sink that was the exact color of the iced tea we served.  

So, one day I collected a full cup of this goop and switched out his iced tea in the middle of service. I never thought he'd get the entire glass in his mouth before he realized and nearly puked all over the place. He got me back, but that's another story for another day."