Move Over, Burgers and Dogs: These 11 Recipes Will Revolutionize Your Late-Summer Barbecue

Hot dogs and cheeseburgers are barbecue staples, but there are so many other delicious things you can serve at your next cookout

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Instead of hot dogs and cheeseburgers, make grilled steak, chicken, and juicy corn.

You still have about a month left to host all the pre-Labor Day barbecue bashes your heart desires. Grab the chicken, steak, corn, and snacks, and you’re ready for a good time. Burgers and hot dogs are delicious barbecue staples, but there is so much more out there — so don’t limit yourself. We have 11 barbecue-worthy recipes that will make your end-of-summer shindig one to remember all year long.

Yes, burgers are delicious and juicy, but so are steaks, bison burgers, and grilled pork chops. If burgers are non-negotiable for your barbecue, consider using bison. This meat is similar in taste to lean beef and has more nutritional value. Journalist Nina Pineda of New York City’s Eyewitness News says that according to the USDA, “a grass-fed, three-ounce bison patty has 152 calories and seven grams of fat. That’s less than a broiled, 90-percent lean beef burger, which averages 184 calories and 10 grams of fat. And it’s even less than a broiled, 93-percent lean turkey burger, which averages 176 calories and 10 grams of fat.” Shrimp and salmon burgers are also delicious options.

Move Over, Burgers and Dogs: These 11 Recipes Will Revolutionize Your Late-Summer Barbecue slideshow.

Potato chips are a great accompaniment for your burgers and hot dogs, but we’ve come up with a few other sides for you to try out. Turn on the grill and make potatoes or grilled corn as a delicious complement to grilled chicken or steak. Season your potatoes with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil for a tasty side.

Interested in more barbecue recipes that aren’t hot dogs or burgers? We have 11 great ones to get you started — everything from delicious glazed ribs to grilled pizza.

Barbecued Salmon with Fresh Corn Grits and Chipotle Nectarines


At your next summer barbecue, opt for a healthy grilling option. This Asian-inflected, Tabasco-marinated salmon with nectarine salad and fresh corn grits incorporates the fresh flavors of summer and adds a spicy kick. For the Barbecued Salmon with Fresh Corn Grits and Chipotle Nectarines recipe, click here.

The Best Grilled Steak Recipe

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Grilled steaks are part of almost every barbecue and cookout. There are plenty of steak recipes to choose from, but the best ones use just a few ingredients. Our grilled steak recipe calls for just olive oil, salt, and pepper to accentuate the juicy and rich flavor of a good steak. We recommend boneless rib-eyeNew York strip steak, or filet mignon for a juicy and meaty texture, but you can easily substitute a less expensive cut like flank steak. For The Best Grilled Steak recipe, click here.