It’s Time to Break Out Your Slow-Cooker for These 25 Recipes

It’s Time to Break Out Your Slow-Cooker for These 25 Recipes

Save time and energy without missing out on a hearty meal

You get home after a busy day, full of meetings, phone calls, emails, and rushing around, set down your bags, and plop onto the sofa. Perhaps you have been to the gym or been on your feet all day. Whatever the case, cooking a satisfying meal seems like an awful lot of work, and now that you have sat down, standing up seems like an unnecessary amount of effort, especially on a weeknight. Perhaps you end up ordering in, or scrounging something from leftovers in the fridge that leaves you cold and unsatisfied. If that sounds familiar, then it is high time you dust off your slow-cooker and put it back into action.

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Slow-cookers (such as the original name-brand Crock-Pot) are such a useful kitchen appliance, allowing you to prepare meals and get them cooking hours in advance without the need to monitor oven temperatures or supervise an open flame.

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Whether you are cooking for one or a crowd, being prepared and calling to action a slow-cooker can save you time (that you just don’t have) and valuable energy while still ensuring that dinner gets on the table in a deliberate and delicious way. Now that the weather is getting cooler, heartier, braised dishes or soups and stews, served warm, straight from the slow-cooker, are back on the menu. From savory lasagna, macaroni and cheese, chili, and minestrone to sweet rice pudding, hot cocoa, and chocolate cake, there are so many delicious recipes that your slow-cooker is just yearning to make. Click on to discover 25 recipes to cook in your slow-cooker this season.