30 Best Holiday Cookies From Around the World


30 Best Holiday Cookies From Around the World

What better way to bring cultures together than through cookies?

There isn’t a better treat to complement a glass of eggnog than a warm gingerbread cookie. The smell of cinnamon is a sweet reminder of holiday cheer and the warmth that comes with being with loved ones. Around the world, cookies are also a holiday treat, and different cultures enjoy their own traditional cookies. Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies are traditionally baked around the holidays in America (and in some other countries as well), whether we’re leaving them for Santa or baking them for ourselves. But beyond these classic confections, other countries have their own recipes for holiday cookies.

30 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes from Around the World Recipes

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From mailänderli (lemon-flavored shortbread cookies from Switzerland) and joulutorttu (pinwheel-shaped Finnish holiday cookies filled with prunes or lingonberries) to vanillekipferl (crescent-shaped vanilla cookies from Austria made with ground nuts), there are countless international holiday cookies to delight in, so read on for the 30 best holiday cookie recipes from around the world.