America's Best Lasagna

The 25 Best Places to Get Lasagna in America

From high-end restaurants to casual red-sauce joints, these are the top restaurants for spectacular lasagna
America's Best Lasagna

From old-school red-sauce joints in Chicago that have been operating the same way for decades to new and hip restaurants in New York City that roll their lasagna rather layering it, there is no shortage of incredible lasagna to be found. When wide pasta noodle sheets are combined with different cheeses and meats and covered with a rich sauce, you can easily be transported to a simpler, happier time. So to honor the lasagna, we sought out the best restarants in America for this iconic dish. 

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So what exactly are our classifications for the best lasagna? Well, great lasagna has many of the same characteristics that make it so comforting and satisfying: properly cooked pasta (not overcooked, but not too al dente), a mouthwatering sauce or ragù, and a melty-creamy aspect that marries the whole dish together. This classic food is difficult to properly execute, and many restaurants do a poor job treating it with the respect it deserves. 


To assemble this ranking, we looked at restaurants that made it to our list of the best Italian restaurant in every state, which we released early this year, as well as other rankings like “America’s 50 Best Italian Restaurants” and “The Best Pasta Dish in Every State.” From there we took a deep dive into rankings and reviews from local publications, consulted rating sites, scanned menus, and searched for trending places on social media. We made sure to find restaurants where you can enjoy legit lasagna that will not disappoint, including a good mix of authentic red-sauce establishments that will make you feel like you stepped onto the set of Goodfellas and new-school spots serving up this classic dish in a more contemporary manner. Click here to check out the 25 best places to get lasagna in America.